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Working Environment
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Fragrant flowers and green tress is everywhere in Sorbo, it’s a park office where spirits all around, staff works comfortably like at home.
Social Security
Social Insurance rights
Salary Increase & Promotion
Adjust salary irregularly according to our profits, and opportunity of promotion for effort.
Employee Assistance
Housing Allowance & Communication Allowance
Holiday Treatment
Not only national holidays and Annual leave rights, but also have Birthday gifts, Luck Money in New Year.

Hanging Garden
Open Garden on the top of office building.
Working Zone
Comfortable Environment & Relaxed Atmosphere brings more creativities
Office Building
Uncomplicated but not ordinary, like working and love there
Meeting Room
Motivated & Confident Team
Meet Challenges & Never Give up
Online message
If you are interested in our products, please leave a message or contact the online customer.
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