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Emergency Tool For Automobile
This product adopts the principle of three-phase alternating generator to crank for power which after rectifying and filtering to charge the inner 80mAh/3.6v Ni-MH chargea ble battery. The electricify in the battery can be used for lighting and charging mobile phone through wire and connector.
Function & Feature:

1.Cranking for power generation

2.One LED lighting

3.Flashing alert

4.Breaking the glass in urgent condition

5.Cutting the strap in emergency

6.Sticking to iron object

7.Cranking to charge mobile phone

Main Technical Parameter:
Max. brightness of 1 LED light60000Mcd
Max. luminous flux of 1 LED light3.5Lm
Lighting time after 1 minute cranking
1 LED light40minute
4 ф3LED flash60minute
Lighting time after being charged fully
1 LED light5hour
4 ф3LEDs flash12hour
Flash frequency2HZ
Voltage Output5v
Max. current output500MA
Max. power output2.5W
LED lifetime50000hour
Switch lifetime100000times
Plastic parts lifetime5year
The whole unit lifetime5year
It provides 3~8 minutes'talking time to mobile phone by cranking 3 minutes
Size and Weight
CartonInner BoxCarton DimensionG/N WeightPackage
50pcs25pcs52*48*35.5CM18.2/17.0KGColor Box

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